Discover Seven Generation Awareness

Generation Seven Strategic Partners was founded to provide a conduit between tribal governments and non-tribal entities to achieve successful outcomes. We focus non-native and native peoples to work directly and effectively with governments and the private sector. We also assist Tribal Nations to rediscover a seven generation consciousness.

Traditional decision-making is a reflection of four impacts: physical, economic, social and spiritual. A decision-maker carefully considers all four facets, looking at how each area will be affected by a decision, and how this impacts every other aspect. This Native American traditional method creates lasting economic and social value. This is how Generation Seven defines the "double bottom line."

Generation Seven brings insight, sensitivity, experience and expertise to issues including management and human capacity building, intercultural communication, leadership and economic development.

Generation Seven is not just another company working in Indian Country. The knowledge and expertise of the Partners is outstanding in such areas as Tribal Government, Indian Culture, Gaming, Economic Development, Hospitality, Intergovernmental Affairs and other select areas not only in Arizona, but all over the country, Mexico and other foreign countries.